Infant Program

January 2023

Exploring Wheels and Movement

Over the course of this past month, the infant’s have had a large interest in wheels, trucks/cars, as well as movement itself! This interest began when the children began exploring our toy construction trucks. The infants would drive the trucks down the carpet, across the tables, as well as racing them down the ramp of our climber! After playing with the trucks, several of the children flipped the trucks upside down to examine the trucks wheels. We then noticed the infant’s do this with other items in the classroom, such as examining the wheels on our baby walker!

Due to this interest in wheels/movement, we decided to incorporate this interest into our art experiences! The infant’s have created several art pieces around the topic of wheels/movement by using different mediums, such as driving trucks through paint to create track marks, using wheeled paint rollers to roll through paint and snow, as well as using various sized trucks to create tracks throughout sand. While some of the infant’s are interested in the cars/trucks themselves, the majority of the children are interested in the cause & effect that occurs once the vehicle starts moving. We have also been exploring which other items can move around just like a wheel does, such as balls and tubes.

Carly Baratta, RECE

Emily Merenda, RECE

Miranda Lange, RECE