Toddler Program

March 2018

.Exploring sounds and the BIG drum!

We have been exploring sounds with new instruments in our room. We brought out the new big drum, and when the children first heard the low sounds they looked with surprise. We talked about the concepts of loud and quiet, fast and slow, and the various sounds we could make with our hands and drum sticks. Jasper pulled out the little drum we have on the shelf. We then compared the sounds of the large drum to the little one. Next we introduced a medium sized drum, and continued to explore the different sounds. As we sang along Ava found the spider puppet and began to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song as she walked the spider puppet across the drum. Jasper was observed shortly afterwards on a chair singing to himself and motioning with his hands the actions to the songs. The children have been exploring the various shakers we have as well. They have been observed to quietly experiment with them on their own and with their peers.

Leila Nagy, R.E.C.E.

Emily Chepil, R.E.C.E.