Toddler Program

december 2019

Over the month of December, the children have been very interested in the schema of transformation. It all started when C.B. begun to paint on a large mirror in our room with glue, saying “I’m painting my hair!”. This sparked an idea and we began to implement a variety of provocations to support this. Painting on mirrors, using pastels on mirrors and exploring reflection. Alongside exploring transformation, the children were also interested in ice and snow. This extended off Q’s investigation of the giant “ice cube” (a large diamond that magically appeared in our room). We took the two interests and talked about how they could go hand in hand together. First, we explored the ice cubes on their own. Following this we did painting with powder paint, using the ice cubes as a paint brush. We then did spray bottles with paint on snow, seeing how the water transformed the snow. We are excited to see how far this interest in transformation goes and we still have some ideas up our sleeves for future provocations!

Kayla Sharp RECE, Lauren Dewar RECE