Toddler Program

January 2020

Before Christmas break, we had observed the children beginning to show an interest in creating representations of their ideas through many different areas in the room, specifically through art. As a provocation to this, we set up an experience using real modeling clay and collage materials. 'Q' was incredibly focused in this experience and through his language and conversations with the other children became the leader of this experience and sparked a very exciting journey into discovering creating representations using a multitude of different modeling medias that we have been exploring through out the month of January!

'Q' picks up some googly eyes “I need to put it on my scary playdough”

“Look at my scary monster”

“Big Big nose…Alligator Monster”

'Q' picks up a plastic cup and places it on top of the clay and says “I put my monster in there. It driving” and begins to move it around the table.

Lauren Dewar RECE, Kayla Sharp RECE