Toddler Program

october 2019

Raja is a College ECE student completing her placement with us. She made “GOOP” with the children as an extension of a painting experience previously done . One of the children, 'C', had to first observe the material. He then dug his hands in and held them up saying: “look, my hands!” watching it drip off. He then said, “my hands are dirty!”. C clapped his hands together before digging into the goop again. He pulled them out, watching the water and cornstarch mixture dripping back down into the container. “It’s raining…it’s raining in my bucket!” he exclaimed. He then looked outside and said, “it’s not raining out.”. Is C making the connection that rain comes from the sky? That it comes from outside? This was such a unique and interesting experience to watch C exploring this new material and making connections to the real world!

Kayla Sharp RECE, Lauren Dewar RECE