Toddler Program

February 2018

Feet in the Snow to Prints, Tracks & Sculpting

Often when we go outside, the children are quick to notice their tracks in the snow, or other markings that have been made. We like to talk about these markings as the children are so curious! To extend this inquiry, we looked at some books that had some footprints, as well as some animal tracks in them. The children caught on that tracks come from feet!

We went even further with this, trying out some of our prints in paint, and also shaving cream! We explored the way our fingers make markings when we slide them, our animals make usually 4 prints, and our cars and work trucks work really hard to make jagged lines in the paint.

Next, we tried play dough. One of our favourite things! We first used the basics: cars, trucks, and animals to manipulate with the dough, and then added a whole bunch of small loose parts! Expecting the children to make prints with them, they were set out with the play dough. After some observation of this, we saw that the children were taking this idea to another level: sculpting. The children wanted to not only shape the play dough into different creations, but then add loose parts to their creations.

Emily Chepil RECE

Laura Baier