Toddler Program

January 2018

What can our bodies do? What are all the parts called? What does each part do? – Some of the thoughts that we are perceiving the toddlers to have over the last little while. As educators, we are trying to figure out what exactly these children are trying to figure out about their bodies, and how we can help them understand what they do and how they work.

We have observed the children on themselves in the mirror and on others, noticing different parts of the body, working on labelling them, and being very aware of where each part is when asked. Singing songs about body parts, reading books, including our favourite, “The Gruffalo,” using our body parts in art, and incorporating lots of body language in everyday practices such as dressing, diapering and eating has extended the children’s knowledge and further peaked their interest in their own body and the bodies of their peers.

We are also aware of some children beginning to potty train, and some working their body in different ways such as beginning gymnastics or other beginner sports to really push their bodies to their limits! Toddler bodies are changing so quickly; there is so much to learn!

Emily Chepil RECE

Laura Baier