Toddler Program

November 2017

Problem Solving & Team Work

Louie and Elias are two children that have always really liked the tires in the room and on the playground. They have played with them many different ways, but we have yet to see them pick them up and roll them like they did on this day….

Louie was trying to pick up the tire, and was having a hard time getting it right-side up. Elias noticed what Louie was trying to do, and went over to help him. There was very little sounds or words exchanged between these two but they both seemed to know exactly what they needed to do. For about 10 minutes, the two rolled the large tire around the climber. Louie would pick it up when it fell and Elias would stop and move things out of the way.

Isaiah noticed what they were doing and soon joined. Louie let the tire hit the ground, and sat in it. This seemed to look like a good idea, except getting all three bodies to fit inside was harder than it looked. 10 minutes later after trying several different ways to fit, the boys discovered, that they would all fit with just their feet in, and their bums around the edge. They were visually so proud of their accomplishment! These boys are really working on their social connections, and even though it is often without language, the problem seems to get solved through their own way of communicating common goals…

Emily Chepil RECE

Katherine Cross RECE