Toddler Program

April 2018

~ Toddlers Sharing Experiences ~

One afternoon as rest time was just coming to an end, these three girls were reading some stories on the carpet. They spent some time doing this together, then Elliott asked to read ‘her book’ (her portfolio), which the children like to look at. We went over to the basket, and she found the one with her face on it. So excited, she said, “this is my book!” Adeline and Talia followed along, and said they’d like to see their books as well. The three girls decided to sit at the table and share their experiences that were pictured in their books.

This is my first birthday” – Elliott said as she pointed to a picture of her in the infant program

“Ava…. Lexy…. Adeline!” – Adeline said as she named her peers in the pictures.

“I see Aubree!” – Talia smiled as she pointed to a picture of her with her peers from the infant program.

Sharing past experiences in the form of photos is often really exciting for the toddlers – they love to see themselves and people they recognize in pictures, which makes reviewing their portfolios fun for them. Observing this, we also were able to notice the girls’ improving memories, as they talk about recent experiences, familiar faces, and items in the pictures.

Carly Baratta, R.E.C.E.

Emily Chepil, R.E.C.E.