Toddler Program

November 2018

A big part of a Reggio inspired program is building relationships within our community.While on a walk one day we saw first hand how important theses relationships are.Here is a little story about how relationships can come full circle.

One day while adventuring to explore, we met an elderly lady who stopped to say hello. She asked if we were from the childcare centre down the street.While talking she had noticed some of the toddlers had no mittens as they had taken them off earlier. She than asked if we needed some spare mittens, explaining that she knits in her spare time, and had lots of extras. Of course, we said YES! We continued our walk while she went home to get the mittens. When she returned with her woolly treasures, she shared that along time ago her grand children came to our centre when they were very young. It warmed our hearts to see how our community is so kind and caring and how this moment came full circle.

Carly Baratta RECE

Lynda Moore RECE