Toddler Program

May 2018

Shelves are for Toddlers

First thing this morning, everyone was mellow, playing quietly on the carpet together. Ava decided to clear off one of the shelves and put her body inside the shelf. She climbed in and out, giggling at herself for a few minutes before any of the other children really paid any attention to what was going on. Shortly after, George noticed and did the same to a shelf underneath her. “Hello George,” Ava said while looking down at him under her.

The other children clearly thought this was a good idea, and took turns climbing into shelves to lay down for a minute! As Zoey was coming in, her mom let us know that sitting in shelves is something that she likes to do at home or in stores as well!

Is it that there is something that just fits their body perfectly? Or a challenge to fit inside?

Is it something that is exciting because we don’t do often?

As toddlers, their bodies are growing so quickly! We will continue to explore what makes this experience intriguing.

Ava’s hiding on the shelf” – Levon

I’m going to sleep” – Elliott

Me too!” – Jasper

Emily Chepil, R.E.C.E.

Carly Baratta, R.E.C.E.