School Age Program

July 2018

The School-Agers’ are off to a busy start this summer! One of our favourite things to do in the summer is get out and explore our community. Our first excursion this summer was visiting our senior friends at Roseview, where we enjoyed playing interactive games in the garden.We also enjoyed a puppet show at Waverly Library…looking out for a SHARK in

the PARK! afterwards had a picnic snack in the park. (Thankfully there were no sharks…) With the weather being so nice we have been able to enjoy walks to the many neighbourhood parks, including taking a short bus ride to North End Splash Pad.

When we haven’t been busy exploring the community, the children have been busy creating their own board games, designing and building obstacle courses, playing in the sprinkler, “working” on the playground moving dirt and making mud, and discovering bugs, caterpillars and flies!

We are looking forward to returning to Roseview in August, visiting Boulevard Lake and hopefully continuing to be outside enjoying the sunshine!

Megan Brown RECE BADmin