School Age Program

April 2018

Team work and problem solving – Building a Dam

River and Matthew had an idea to build a dam in the sand box in our playground with shovels. They wanted to use the dam to build a waterfall. After digging holes in the sand and then connecting the separate holes together, River and Matthew wanted to begin pouring water into the dam. This is what caught the other childrens attention and they wanted to help! Plum, Kobe, Olivia, Fitz, Calvin and Sophie were filling up buckets and began pouring them into the dam. The children noticed that the water kept disappearin, Plum then had an idea to put snow and ice on the bottom and the sides to stop the water from sinking into the ground.

The next day, River and Mattew created jobs for each of the children that wanted to help build the dam again

Mattew: The Boss

River: Second in Charge

Terry: Fourth in Charge

Even though each child was assigned a job in building the dam, they all worked together in digging the holes in the sand to begin re building the dam.

Carissa Sanderson RECE

Nicole Belsito CYW