School Age Program

March 2018


In our room the children have been using cardboard boxes, toilet paper rolls, wood pieces etc. as well the hot glue gun to create all sorts of different things. To give the children a different perspective we decided to add plastic bottles (big and small), lids, tape, and Styrofoam cups in our environment and to see how they would use these materials.Elkin, Terry and Caron were immediately drawn to the table where the materials were set up and they all shared the same interest on what they wanted to create! They decided that they wanted to make SPACESHIPS out of the pop bottles. Even though they were all making a spaceship each of them had their own ideas on how they wanted to make it.

Terry decided to take one water bottle as the centre and then cut another bottle in half and glue it to the sides. “ I’m gluing the sides for the main entrance! The holes in cutting are for my guys to get in.”

Carson’s idea started with the large pop bottle. “I need to cut the top off first!” Carson began by drawing lines of where he would need to cut the water bottles. He then placed the top that he cut off and placed it inside. The area inside of the bottle is where the people go and the lid protects them.

Elkin wanted to start by decorating his water bottle to what he thinks the spaceships looks like. He then cut the top off so the people could get in and out. He was then faced with a problem, what if the people fell out? After he looks in our recycle centre he came up with an idea! “I can use the fabric to put on top and make a hole so the Lego guys can get in and out!”

Nicole Belsito CYW

Carissa Sanderson RECE