School Age Program

February 2018

Over the past few months we have observed block play as being very prominent with our children. This play can be seen in many forms through the wooden blocks, legos(big and small), K-nexs, waffle blocks, and Jenga blocks. Block play is a great way for children freely explore and manipulate materials in unique ways as well as building skills in all areas of development. For instance, while children are engaged with blocks they are working on their coordination, visual perception, fine motor coordinaton(Physical Development), they are building self-esteem, competence, cooperation, negotiation(Social/ Emotional Development), they are showing symbolization and representation, classification, and comparisons(Cognitive Development) and enhancing vocabulary(Language and Literacy) as well as their creativity .. plus so much more! As you can see there is TONS of learning happening while children think they are simply “Building a tower”. Who knew learning could be so fun?!

As our children are older, this play can be seen as more advanced in which a lot of dramatic play is present during this time. At this stage the children begin naming structures for their play and the engagement of scenarios begin to take place. They use the blocks to represent things that are familiar to them, for example; cities, vehicles, houses, towers, people, bridges/ramps etc.Another way we have seen our children use the blocks is to create their own games around the room (The floor is lava), and obstacle courses. See below for some of their wonderful creations.

Nicole Belsito CYW

Carissa Sanderson RECE