School Age Program

november 2020

We brought in a different art media for the children to explore - Plasticine! 'T', 'C. A.', 'C.R.', 'N'and 'P' each decided that they wanted to create "Among Us" characters. This video game is a HUGE interest within our room, from conversations, to setting our room up as the game, as well as drawing their own characters. Providing the children with Plasticine allows them to have a different perspective and bring their characters to life!

The children have been working so hard on creating their characters and have now been working on making different scenes. "The cut scenes from Among Us" - C.R.

'I', 'P' and 'E' also decided to use the Plasticine in different ways! 'I' decided he wanted to poke, roll and squish! 'P' mixed different colours with white, rolled them in a ball and then squished the ball with a ball to make it flat. After, she cut out triangles and attached them together. 'E' rolled her Plasticine into two different balls and squished them together.

Carissa Sanderson RECE, Bobbi Abraham RECE