School Age Program

february 2019

Drawing stories on mirrors

Child B and Child F had an idea to draw stories on the mirrors in our room. They began with drawing characters and scenery on the mirrors and then put the mirrors together to connect the story as one flowing piece. Their first story was about dragons, people, and buildings and trees. When they no longer wanted a drawing in their story, they would erase it.

Child B said: “When we erase the whole story, we create a new one”.

Drawing on the mirrors continued into the next day and Child B and Child F were excited to create a new story. Child B was using some of the magnet shapes to create a “square 6 face character”. Nicole and Krissy then added a star and circle mirror as provacaton and to incorporate different shaped mirrors.

Child B began to trace the shaped mirrors onto the bigger mirrors. What was he thinking? He then traced the small circle mirror on a bigger mirror and then created a body. Child B and Child F drew the body creating the following parts; face, eyes, eyelashes, nose, mouth and hat. Child B and Child F used one of the small squared shaped mirrors and connected it to the bigger mirror to draw the arms for the body and legs for the body. How do you think we can extend their thinking? This is the importance of providing loose parts and open-ended materials for children to explore, create, imagine, discover and challenge their thinking.

We are excited to see where these mirror images will lead us and their imaginations.......


Nicole and Krissy