School Age Program

January 2018

The children in the school age room have been very interested in board games in our room. Every day they come into our room and are excited to play a game! Through playing games children learn many skills, these skills are but are not limited to, building strategies, challenging each other, positive communication, and working together. We came up with a way to expand on this interest: a building your own game centre! As soon as the children entered the room and saw this centre the children were visibly excited! James, Olivia, Rowan, Terry, and River began creating! Making their own games supports their individual expression through imagination! Terry and Carson were so inspired by the build your own board game centre that they made the whole room into the game clue! They used blank cards for their name tags and used the materials in our room as clues!

Carissa Sanderson RECE

Nicole Belsito CYW