School Age Program

December 2018

Puppet Show!!

The children have enjoyed the puppet centres we have brought into the program. It is interesting to see the children use it in different ways. Emery, Logan, and River OC were using it as an ice cream shop first! Logan even created a sign saying, “Emery’s Ice Cream Shop”. He drew an ice cream cone, rainbows, and smiley faces because that is what Emery loves to draw.

After that, Matthew, River, and Bentley were inspired to create their own puppet show! They decided to make puppets and accessories out of paper and put on a show for us.

The next day Kaelen made paper puppets to look like SpongeBob, Patrick, and Squidward. He put on a mini show for Nathan.

This led to Terry putting on a puppet show for the group. With the help of Dallas and Matthew they put on a great show. Terry even made tickets for all the children and had Plum be the ticket attendant.

We are excited to see what else the children will do with the puppet show!

Nicole Belsito CYW

Krissy Halvorsen SSW