School Age Program

September 2018

.There has been a common interest in the room and that is MOVEMENT! The school age children have been testing many different theories with many different materials in our room and outside! Fin, Calvin, and Declan were creating a “whole system” of gears that all moved by a single object. Logan, Terry, Matthew, River, Dallas, and Elkin have been testing their theories on their own beyblades. They set up a “stadium” and test out how fast they can move, where they land, and what would happen if you added other materials to the stadium too. Calvin and Declan soon joined in! This has also extended to the Logan, Calvin, Fin, and Declan to create their own “spin tops” with the materials from the gears. They tested out a theory they had of what would happen if you added gems on top of the “spin tops”. River had the idea to test movement by creating a slide with blocks. Outside, the school age children have been very interested in using the bikes everyday, this is another example of movement!

Movement can be shown in many different forms!

Nicole Belsito CYW

Krissy Halvorsen SSW