Preschool Program

march 2021

The exploration continues with our Body and Bones

This morning a provocation was placed out at the table for the children to explore. C, A and R wasted no time becoming involved. Books about our body, along with bones and an outline of a body was set up.

C “Look its a skeleton! They live in the woods”- Pointing to a picture in the book

R “No they live in the ground, the workers buried them in the ground”

R - Educator “What makes a skeleton?

R “Bones, lots of bones!”

C “That's right R, bones like puppies eat”

A “I have a skeleton too”

E “I can feel bones”

K “I have some bones too”

The children were then encouraged to draw what they think would be in in our bodies or what would the different bones look like.

R “I'm drawing the eyes and a big mouth”

C “I'm doing his hand bones see, lots of them”

K “I'm drawing the lines inside of the body see, there are lots. I did a cheese too”

E “Blood goes to the right and left side, then it just eats your food in your tummy, yum, yum. I disgust the food and it mixes!”

A “I'm making a glove for the hand see, with lots of lines too”

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, Ashlie Johnston RECE