Preschool Program

July 2019


Have you been to the doctors? Or the dentist?What was your experience?How did it make you feel?What did you do, and what did they do? This is what the children have been exploring and discussing in the preschool room! Using the different materials and tools available, and mimicking the behaviours they may observe in these health care facilities…. Here are a few different conversations we have heard within our program: “We are being nurses” – MJJ, A watches as N places the needle gently on her arm… “Are you hurting? – N, “Let me check your knee” – O“I need someone’s arms to put this needle in” – L, “N do you need water on your boo boo?” – Z “It’s okay you will be okay” – MJJ. These moments really help us get a glimpse of the children’s experiences and perspectives around medical visits! We are hoping to add more books and introduce vocabulary to our programming!

Megan and Meg