Preschool Program

October 2018


We love to observe and interact with materials that create large REACTIONS!

- trajectories: Frisbees, wiffle ball, badminton, rolling, vehicles

- Mixing materials

- Using language: explosions, lava, volcano, spring, bounce etc.

Based on these observations, we continue to provide the preschool group with materials that will challenge their thinking! So science materials are very much relating to cause and effect experiences.

“It’s sparkly” – Jasper “IT’s getting hot” – Rhett

“No it’s warm” – Adeline “A bubble came up” – Elliot

“I’m making a volcano. It shoots out hot lava” – Rhett

“It’s bubbly” – Reggie

“The bubbles are just there from the baking soda” – Elliot

“It steams! White hot lava” – Jake

What interesting observations from the children! I wonder where this experience will take our group in our future discoveries?...

Megan Brown RECE, BAdmin, Megan Pumphery RECE