Preschool Program

February 2019

We have had such an intense month! The preschool group has been involved in a project with collaboration in many different capacities. Since we have been creating, exploring and investigating doors in our program consistently over the last two months, the children have been really excited to welcome their families into our room to help us FIX our door! As our project comes to a close, we have been working to install a new door on our house in our room. This comes with weeks of exploration of doors in our room, community and homes, and together we decided how to get this door up in our room. So much has gone into this project, and we have been so excited to welcome the parents and family members in our program to help “get the door up” “so it won’t fall on our bodies”! If you are interested in learning more about this project and how it has unfolded, we would love to share our documentation!

Educators; Megan Brown RECE, BAdmin and Megan Atila RECE