Preschool Program

July 2018

The children have been engaging with the blocks in making boats to go fishing! They have been using small pieces of material attached to some string and “casting” them out into the water.

“Why did you let him go? Because he bit my finger”-Owen

“Jude you’re the fish!”-Rhett

Over the past couple weeks the preschool program has been working to build a new space in our environment. During group gatherings, the children decided that they would like to create a fishing area in the room and call it “The Fishing Spot”. Through various brainstorming discussions the children worked together to make our fishing spot come alive! This is currently located in the back of our room.

We have also been utilizing our outdoor environment to expand and connect our interest of “fishing” and “fishing Spots”. We have been going to “Pirate Park” across the street which have also sparked the interest of pirates and creating pirate boats. To incorporate this into our room we have added books and created collaborative stories about pirates together.We will continue to follow the children leads and explore where this will further take us in the next month.

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, RT


Stacy GarrityBA psych