Preschool Program

october 2019

Who do you want to be? What role will you take, and what does that mean? As we continue to move through the year, we notice the children involving themselves in dramatic play, and taking roles. This has become a large part of program, where we hear the children discussing their ideas and scripts, planning their play ahead of time. We often hear the children saying to one another “I will be the mom, or I want to be the baby today.” The children even take roles of being the educators in the room, imitating/reliving the things they observe us doing…. “I am going to be Megan and you can be Meg”. This is an important way for the children to reflect about their day, and the things they see the adults in their life doing. We learn a lot about children during these moments; what do they see, how do they observe us in their daily routines, what do they value in our interactions?

Megan Brown RECE, BADmin, Megan Atila, Ella Bryant