Preschool Program

April 2018

It all started with a cozy corner… hiding in the corner with some friends… then adding a BIG mat on top… HAHA now we have a fort! The preschool children were using the mats in our room to create forts with together. Building tiny spaces for their bodies to fit in, and hiding there together. This was continuing to happen, so we brought up the question during a group gathering!... The children had plenty of ideas!

After we finished discussing our ideas… we decided that we could build this together in our room!! The children consulted with our drawing and retrieved the items they had mentioned. Slowly creating a space for our fort. FIRST: we grabbed the water bottles, banana from Terry’s Kitchen, babies and chairs! SECOND: adding the blanket over the chairs. THIRD: We needed to eat the banana and hide in the fort!!! WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE!! The children really worked together today and created such a wonderful, positive space for learning! We had input and ideas from many children, and I wonder where we can go from here!

Megan Brown RECE, BAdmin

Megan Pumphery RECE