Preschool Program

December 2018

Smack Attack!!

Creating explosions with our toys...

It started as a flook, an accidental bump of a block… launching a stuffy up in the air!! The children were inspired, fascinated by this reaction, creating a movement within our program! We start by working together…“I will say okay go and then you hit it okay!” – J. “Okay!” – L hits the end and makes the stuffy pop up!! We had a few different areas set up with this interesting play scenario… the children silently worked together and took their roles! Some as the food placers, and some as the smackers!!! For everyone though, it was so entertaining to watch. The children burst into laughter every time the food went UP!! This is an activity we anticipated the children interacting with a few weeks ago. When we were really exploring explosions, and trajectories! It is interesting how it is POPPING up in our play now!

Megan Brown RECE, BAdmin

Megan Pumphery RECE