Preschool Program

december 2019

Collecting, gathering, ordering and positioning have been a HUGE part of our preschool program throughout this year so far. The children will engage together with a common goal, collaborating with the blocks to build ‘something’…. As the children create and engage, the play will begin to transform, and soon many materials from around our room will be gathered and positioned within their scene! Each item is placed carefully, with purpose and intent, and as they are gathered, the children discussed what there thinking it and how that item will play a part in their play! We know this is connected to schematic thinking because we have been observing a pattern of behaviour, and we work to support the group through their thinking! It is easy to become distracted by the ‘messes’ the play may create, but if you look deeper into the actions of the children, you can see how purposeful it has become. It is essential that we as adults and educators, support and foster the children’s thinking in this play and give them the space and understanding to engage together.

Megan Brown RECE BaAdmin Megan Ahtila