Preschool Program

May 2018

Once upon a time, there was a boat! On the deep blue water. The boat was sunk into the deep edge of the water! Some big sharks (Dad, mom, baby, sister, Grandma and Grandpa) came over and tried to eat the sunk boat! But they saw above the water, a biiiiggg coconut tree… it was ON FIRE!!!! So they climbed the tree and sucked up lots of water to put that fire out. They spit the water on the tree and saved the day. On the boat, there was a Firegirl… she saw the coconut tree and collected the coconuts in a big bag. She needed to use her map to help her find the sea creature in the water!

THE END --- Written by: The preschool group 2018

This month, the preschool group has been intensely exploring the dramatic and imaginative idea of “Pirates, boats and fishing!”. Creating more scripts to engage with in large and small groups. We have been fostering this love for dramatic and story-telling through collaborative stories on the carpet.

Megan Brown RECE, BAdmin

Megan Pumphery RECE