Infant Program

november 2017

Often in our busy lives we forget to stop and take minute to appreciate the wonder and magic that life has to offer. We are often rushing around to one activity, store, or birthday party and we miss those small moments of pure joy that the universe offers us. Infants however seem to find the wonder, magic, and joy in the simplest of things. If given the chance, Infants can teach us so much about life and how to appreciate all that life has to offer. As we sit and observe Infants as they learn and discover the world around with such intensity, curiosity, and wonder, we often think, how many times as adults have we let these moments pass us by. We are always so focused on doing that we forget about being. Being present, being in the moment, being part of a community. As we approach this Holiday season we ask that you all take a page out of an infant’s hand book and just stop, think, and appreciate BEING. Take a moment to watch a bubble fall to the ground, or watch the light reflect off of things around you. Appreciate the wonder of paint splattering on a piece of paper, the joy of colouring a picture or the sound a bell makes when you ring it. The world would be a better place if we all just stopped, and took a moment to just be. BE with ourselves, BE with our friends, and BE with our families.

Rachelle Minthorn RECE,RT

Lauren Sutton RECE

Elissa Hall RECE