Infant Program

Exploring Story Telling

Since we have come back from Christmas break we have noticed that the children have been very interested in story telling techniques. We realized that since they have gotten older, their attention spans have developed to the point where we can sit and enjoy these stories for longer periods of time. Story telling is incredibly important as it helps to develop children’s memory, social skills, and language skills!

As an extension to this we made copies of the stories to leave out in the environment for the children to explore independently. This allows children to use those memory recall skills, develop their language on their own, and work on some pre math skills such a sorting and grouping like objects together. It also allows them to develop some autonomy and sense of control over their own learning! We will continue to explore storytelling and observe the children as they explore this new addition to our environment!

Lauren Sutton R.ECE, Laney Slack R.ECE, Jen Tervo R.ECE. AECEO C