Infant Program

December 2018

Projecting of Light

It is amazing that the children in the infant program are still interested in exploring light. This journey started in October with children noticing shadows and translucency with leaves. It continues to be explored through refraction of lights with mirrors, autonomy of light by turning it on and off, to different perspectives and movement of light.

Now, our most recent discoveries have been made with the use of an overhead projector. The children were fascinated by the enlarged images being projected on to the wall. Some children were interested in the ability to add items like translucent blocks, plates, and rings on to the projector and tracking their movements by looking up to the wall. Other children were interested in the items being projected and trying to catch or move the enlarged items. It has been a fascinating journey getting to explore the multiple properties of light with the children and getting to see how their minds unfold with new ideas and knowledge gained from experiences like this.

Laney Slack, RECE

Lauren Sutton, RECE

Elissa Hall, RECE