Infant Program

october 2019

The children are always very interested in the chairs at the table. They spend many moments exploring them. Today was no different, however something happened to the chair to make the exploration unlike any others…

V ~ “Look at the chair!”

E came over and started to explore the chair by trying to climb on top of it. V followed E’s lead and also began to explore the chair by looking under the chair and around the chair.

E tried to sit down on the chair but he ended up sliding off of it. He looked shocked as this happened. What was his thoughts during this process?

V continued to inspect the chair while holding her body upside down. What were her thoughts? Did she recognize the chair when she turned her body upside down like the chair?

As E and V explore the chair, E accidentally tips the chair over onto its side.

E then notices the buckle on the bottom of the chair and begins to explore it.

V watches E. As V is watching E she looks over at the chairs at the table, “Look at those chairs” she says pointing to the other chairs.

Educator ~ “Those chairs look different” “Look at the children sitting in those chairs”

V then looks at the chair again and tries to sit in it. She then stands up and tries to pick up the chair. Has V figured out what happened to the chair?

V calls to E for help and shows him what she is trying to do. They work together and eventually get the chair turned over.

When they were both satisfied with the results V pushed the chair back over to the tables.

What wonderful team work!!

Jen Tervo RECE, AECEO, Amanda LeClair RECE, Laney Slack RECE