Infant Program

January 2020

This month we have added a variety of loose parts into our learning environment to support the children’s interests of preparing food, movement, cause and effect, and the schema's Encompassing and Enclosing.

With this change of removing the more traditional “toys” we have seen an increase of engagement within the environment and the items that are being presented. The children have been using these items in many different ways throughout the day within their play scenarios, and their discoveries and curiosities.The wonderful thing about loose parts is that there is no one way to use the items. We have observed the children using some items to stack up and then watch as they tumble to the ground. We have had the enjoyment of watching a child turn a cardboard square into a sled, while another turned it into a matching game.

Did you ever play with loose parts growing up? Did you know that playing in the Tupperware cupboard, with the pots and pans, and in the junk drawer are all areas where wonderful loose parts live?

Laney Slack RECE, Amanda LeClair RECE, Jen Tervo RECE, AECEO.C