Infant Program

MaY 2018

Over the past month, Dramatic play continues to play a vital role within our environment. We have added more and new food items, dishes, dress-up cloths and a new kitchen! The children have been so excited to explore all the different parts and taking turns using them. Miller and Igzy have been very helpful with heating up bottles in the microwave, while Rosalie and Maggie have been working hard to wash their hands and dishes in the sink. Nixie and Bode have been busy cooking up a storm and feeding themselves/ others throughout the day. What a wonderful way to expand on our dramatic play!

Also we are very excited to go on our field trip to the library, for a story! Because story telling is still a huge interest, we will continue to explore and expose the children to object stories throughout the day. This has been a wonderful and natural way to expand and support collaboration and turn taking skills, along with strengthening our language and attention skills. Do you have any favourite stories that you read at home? If so please share or bring them in, we would love to incorporate them into our story tell group gatherings!

Rachelle Minthorn RECE RT

Lauren Sutton RECE

Elissa Hull RECE