Infant Program

February 2018

Sometimes we forget how powerful our actions are and how much our daily routines play a vital role in our children’s understanding and the connections they make about the world around them. Currently we have been noticing a huge interest in exploring dramatic play and using different materials to represent their ideas. To support this we have added a variety of different life-like materials to allow the children to explore and incorporate in their daily interactions with each other and the environment. We can’t help but smile at the wonderful ways the children have been using them. The phones play a very important and active role in our daily routines as the children enjoy saying “Hello”, or taking to “Mommy and Daddy” on them. We have also been busy scheduling play dates with each other on our phones and calculators and of course feeding, rocking and taking care of our babies.

Lauren Sutton RECE

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, RT

Elissa Hall RECE