Infant Program

September 2019

Building Relationships

At the beginning of our year we really focus on building the relationships not only between educators and children but peers to peers. At lunch time Veronica, our veteran child in the program, was helping to scoop pasta for Finley, one of our newer children. Veronica took the opportunity to help Finley, as she has seen us educators helping some of the newer children in our room to build skills like scooping with utensils. Veronica scooped some pasta from his bowl and said “I feed Finley” as she brought the spoon up to his mouth. This is a perfect example of peers teaching peers and that beautiful mentorship. These kinds of social interactions help the children to build empathy, caring, and trust.

Laney Slack, RECE

Jen Tervo, RECE, AECEO, C.

Amanda LeClair, RECE