Infant Program

March 2018

Self-help skills and the importance of allowing children to explore and test different ways to dress and undress themselves, are such powerful moments that also provide entertainment and joy to us regarding the outcome of their accomplishments. The children have been very interested in exploring how to put on and take off their clothes, hats, shoes, pants and outdoor wear. Many of the children are observed daily by the cubbies area helping each other to put on and take off their clothing.When the children are finished putting on their jackets, hats and either one of two mitts, they proceed to wave goodbye and try to open the door to go home (role modeling what they do and see on a daily basis with their parents and in the program). These are wonderful moments of cooperation and role modeling as the children share their different skills to try to succeed in their common goal of exploring dressing and undressing themselves freely, without time restriction. The pride of being independent and succeeding in doing tasks; such as dressing, which parents, guardians and caregiver do for them, is so empowering and important for children to explore, as they continue to lean and discover about the world around them and test/ strengthen these skills.

Rachelle Minthorn RECE, RT

Elissa Hall RECE

Lauren Sutton RECE