Infant Program

February 2020

“I am BIG”

What is big? What is small?
It is about perception and perspective.

After a visit with a new little infant starting soon, 'E' made the observation that he is big and that his new peer was small. This sparked my curiosity. How can I visually represent 'E's theory?

“Do you want to measure how tall you are?” I asked. “Yes” he replied jumping up. I gathered some string and tape and wall space for our representation. 'E' stood tall against the wall as I taped the string slightly above his head. “Look how tall you are 'E'!” as I pointed to the wall. He smiled and jumped in joy. This caught the attention of some of his peers. They all took turns lining up to get their measurement on the wall. Will they notice the differing heights? Who will differentiate between big and small? This was a fantastic opportunity to introduce the concepts to our program and how amazing is it 'E' initiated it.

Laney Slack RECE, Jen Tervo RECE, AECE,O Amanda LeClair RECE