Infant Program

November 2018

Catching the Light

Have you ever wondered as you have watched the sunlight dancing across the sidewalk or the coloured lights shining through a prism moving around a wall “Can I catch it?” “Can I touch it?” “What does it feel like?”Sometimes as adults the reality and limitations tend to take the magic out of the moment. Our adult brains tend to miss the sheer excitement and joy of these truly amazing natural phenomenon’s.

Austin was busy exploring the coloured disco light that we added to the environment. When we plugged it in a sense of excitement came over the room, the children became very quiet as they watched the lights move across the wall with wide eyed intrigue. Austin observed another child exploring the lights and came over to make his own discoveries. Austin brought with him the large cardboard tube that is in our environment as a part of our loose parts. He looked at it with his face very close and a small smile creeping up his cheek. The smile got larger as the educator placed her hand over the light and then took it away. He looked up and saw the lights on the celling and pointed and laughed alongside Carson. Austin then sat on the ground and used his fingers to touch the lights on the floor. He quickly chased the lights on the floor with his hand, touching each one he could. Austin picked up the cardboard tube that he brought with him and began lifting it into the air towards the ceiling. Was he trying to touch the lights high above and needed something longer? He then brought the tube back down to the floor and began sweeping it across in a scooping motion. Each time he did this, he would look back at the educator and smile. Austin again used the tube and with a scooping motion went across the floor and back up into the air. Was he trying to scoop the light to catch it? Was he exploring the difference between the light on the tube and the light on the floor? Was he discovering how the tube could block the light?

Lauren Sutton RECE

Elissa Hull RECE

Laney Slack