Circle of We

Dear Families;

Schoolhouse Playcare Centre and St. James Public School believe it is important to continue to create a sense of community and a sense of belonging. This year we are looking at some new and exciting ideas!!

  • Megan Brown who is passionate about advocating for the field of Early Childhood Educators will be going into Ms. Gerow’s Grade 8 class to do a presentation/introduction about our profession and what our role is as an Early Childhood Educator. She hopes to bring more awareness to young students that this is a career choice and something they could go to college for in the future!
  • We plan on having Grade 8 students create their own children’s books/stories/illustrations in their class then they can come read them to our children in the childcare center (during a quiet time or a time that would work for any of our programs)
  • Also Grade 8 students can plan on joining any program (infants, toddlers or preschools) exploring their interests at the time, setting up materials or just being active learners and role models.

We will be documenting this journey throughout the year for the children and families. Thank you to Seonaid Gerow who is the Grade 8 Teachers for collaborating with us and encouraging the Grade 8 students to be a part of this beautiful journey ahead!

Our goal together is “to create opportunities for our children/students to demonstrate their potential as leaders and role models, to nurture the sense of community/family, a sense of belonging and to continue to build strong relationships/partnerships. We are both looking forward to working alongside one another and to see the success of this incredible journey for all our children!

“Our children are our future”


Brenda Walkoski RECE, AECEO.C Head Educator
Angelina Tassone Principal, St. James School

Wanda Collins, RECE, AECEO.C Executive Director