Toddler Program

february 2018

Discovering Reflections!

Today we purposely set up the transparent coloured shadow boxes on the table to expand on the exploration and learning that has been happening over the past several weeks.The natural light assisted us in this process.Naturally the colours began to reflect on the carpet which captured that attention of a few children.

Next one of the children took the opportunity to investigate and think further.How are the colours reflecting on the carpet?She walked over to the table and grabbed the yellow box and carried it back over across the carpet.She held the box off to the side of her hip while looking at the carpet.For some reason the yellow didn’t reflect on the carpet.Then she walked back over to the table and grabbed the red one.This time she stood on the opposite side of the carpet.This time the red reflected onto the carpet.Today the children discovered reflections!

Lindsey Richardson R,ECE

Lynda Moore R,ECE