Toddler Program

January 2018

Following the Christmas Break we discovered that one of the children in the program assisted her family in transplanting some of their house plants. We had a plant in our classroom that needed to be transplanted so naturally we took advantage of this opportunity and learning experience with the children. We added soil to our sandbox and the children assisted with transferring the soil into several empty plant pots. The educator assisted with dividing the original plant into sections and placing each “new” plant into the new pots. The children added additional soil around the plants. Next the educator discussed the importance of taking care of our plants with water and sunlight. The educator provided spray bottles with water for the children to assist with watering the plants. The children had been previously introduced to the spray bottles while spray painting the snow outdoors with tinted water using food colouring. For some of the children who were continuing to master they use of the spray bottle, they appeared to be just as wet or even more wet than the plants.

Lindsey Richardson R,ECE

Lynda Moore R,ECE