Toddler Program

June 2018

The toddler program created a giraffe made out of recyclables and paper mache. This interest began by exploring books about animals. The children had the opportunity to sketch and create representations of animals in many different ways. Following some recent family trips to the zoo, we had some conversations about giraffes and one of the children brought in photographs of their adventure at the zoo. One of the children stated "It has 4 eyes and 2 legs." As educators we took the opportunity to investigate and research further about giraffes. We used technology and resource books from the library to gain further knowledge together with the children. Throughout our research we discovered that the giraffe has many different features. We set up a variety of recyclables with assistance from some of our families to work collaboratively to create a giraffe. During our family celebration event, we had one of our parents lead in creating a paper mache head for the giraffe. Take a look at some of the stages of this project.

Lindsey Richardson R,ECE

Lynda Moore R,ECE