Toddler Program

december 2018

Creating Coloured Ice Pops to Explore Eating Ice Safely

Toddler Program – December 2018

Whenever we have ice in our room, or the children find it outside, it seems their instinct has been to eat it. We have tried different ways of presenting it, changing the shape, size, and not adding colour, but the impulse to eat the ice stays. We decided we would create a way for the children to make their own ice, that would be their own, and safe to eat.

We first showed the children some coloured water – coloured and slightly flavoured with Mio. The children each chose one of the colours, and then helped to poor it into a popsicle mould. We also made some little snowflake ice cubes. As we all know how cold it is outside, we worked together to put our coloured water outside to see what would happen. As the door opened the children felt the cold pour through the door, laughing and noticing out loud how cold it was.

Tasting Our Ice:

After some time, we went to check on our coloured water. As the day was cold, everything quickly froze. A group of children came to help collect our things, and noticed again how cold their air was coming from the door. We took turns carefully pulling our popsicle out of the moulds. “Popsicle!” Liam knew right away what we had made. “It’s so cold” Charolette said as she held her popsicle close up to her face to check it out.

Tawni Johnston, RECE, Ba/Ed.

Emily Chepil, RECE