Toddler Program

november 2018

With the weather getting colder, the ground has been freezing.While outside, Igzy made an interesting discovery; a frozen chunk of sand in the sandbox.He pointed at it then rotated it around and around before trying to lift it.It was heavy!

A few children observed as Igzy tried to pick it up.They came over and situated themselves on either side of the ‘rock’ and tried to lift it but were unable to do so.

As E observed, she was struck with a thought. ‘Idea’ she said as she went to the other side of the sandbox and grabbed a shovel.She brought it over and stuck it under the side of the rock but it was still too heavy.Emmersyn watched E try to lift the ‘rock’ then went to get her own shovel which she then placed under the other side of the rock.They both lifted their side and it started to lift!

Liam (who was standing close by observing) came up with his own idea to help.He went across the playground, grabbed the wheelbarrow and brought it over. ‘In here!’ he told his peers as he wheeled it closer.The children then worked together to not only lift up the ‘rock’ but place it into the wheelbarrow. Success!

The look of pride and accomplishment on their face was unparalleled.This small moment in time showcases just how observant children can be.They utilized problem solving skills, observation skills, critical thinking skills and co-operation skills as they picked up this frozen chunk of sand and transferred it to the wheelbarrow.What a great moment that shows just what children are capable of!

Tawni Johnston RECE BA/BED

Emily Chepil RECE