Toddler Program

march 2019

What is “The Donut Song????”

The Donut Song is a goofy children’s song that we turned into a felt board story for the children to enjoy. The children love singing and telling stories with us, but this song has really resonated.


Down around the corner in the bakery shop,

there were 10 little donuts with some icing on top.

Along came (child’s name) all alone

and chose a (colour) donut and brought it on home!

Why do we sing these songs, this one in particular with the children? We love to encourage children to be involved in music and story experiences. There are so many benefits. When we sing the donut song with the toddlers, they are learning:

Turn taking; The children are required to wait until they hear their name to choose a donut

Colour recognition; Once they pick a donut, the child lets us know what colour it is

Memory recall; After practise, the children all know the words to this catchy tune

It has now extended to the children having their own donuts to use in the program. We have observed small groups of children singing the song with each other and the donuts. The children are so independent, remembering some of the words and choosing a peer to have a turn.

Tawni Johnston RECE,BA BED

Emily Chepil RECE