Toddler Program

february 2019

‘My Breath Moved the Paint!’

Over the month of February, the toddlers have been exploring how their breath effects change.It started at the water table where one of the children used a tube to create bubbles.The other children observed this and began to imitate the action.One of the provocations we explored involved paint, paper and straws.The children blew big breaths and small breaths and noticed the difference it made in their artwork. Some of their comments were:

‘My breath moved the paint!’

‘I blow a little breath’

‘I blew my colours together!’

The next day, cardboard tubes and Styrofoam balls were added to the environment and the children made a fascinating discovery; if they put the ball in the end and blew, the ball came flying out! This tied into their exploration of how their breath effects change and showcases how they examine their theories and ideas across a wide variety of materials and experiences.

Tawni Johnston, R.E.C.E, BA/Bed

Emily Chepil, R.E.C.E.