Toddler Program

march 2018

The toddlers have been showing a strong interest in exploring tools and open-ended materials in our environment. As a result we have been exploring real tools; screwdrivers, screws, nuts and bolts, pliers, wrenches, and most recently a hammer and nails. Some of the children have been bringing in plastic tools from their houses, enhancing the partnership to learning. One of the children brought in a real hammer, nails and work gloves. He took the opportunity to introduce these materials with the support of his educator to a small group of children in our outdoor classroom. We discussed the features, details and importance of each of these materials. The educator modeled the appropriate use of these materials first then the child demonstrated how to hammer and remove the nails from a piece of wood. The children made connections to their home life as well. In addition to this experience, a small group of children assisted the educator in hanging up a new display rack for our dramatic play clothing. They used a screwdriver and screws to accomplish this task!

Lindsey Richardson R,ECE

Lynda Moore R,ECE