Toddler Program

october 2017

The Power of Documentation!

The children have been enhancing their dramatic play skills daily in our program. A small group of children have been sharing and discussing the idea of “gas” to make things work such as their “boat” and most recently “a train.” In order to inquire and expand on this idea we decided to take a field trip to the gas station that is nearby in the community. The children discovered many intriguing features at the gas station. We documented our learning and discoveries of our field trip and displayed it on our documentation board. A child in the program was so excited to share his experience with one of his older brothers at the end of the day. He pointed out the documentation panel and engaged in a conversation about it. He continues to revisit this panel on a daily basis and we have posted it in our environment to further the discussion and learning.

What a wonderful way for the children to reflect and revisit on their learning and teach their families about the day!

Lindsey Richardson RECE and Lynda Moore RECE