School Age Program

april 2018

"We Can Use It For Stick Painting"

This afternoon while outside, M found a large tree branch and asked if we could bring it into our room. The children were inspired and continued finding and collecting sticks. M asked again if we could bring them into our room, I said absolutely and questioned her, what we would use them for.

M responded:

“We can use it for stick painting”

The children collected handfuls of different sized sticks and brought them into our room. Stay tuned to see what happens next.

S Discovery

As we were stick painting today, S went over, grabbed Kleenex, and brought it to the table. She placed the Kleenex on top of her painting.

“LOOK they’re the same. I have two paintings now”.

S placed another Kleenex on her painting and pushed down on it.

S: “more colours show up when your push harder on it”.

The children's masterpieces are displayed on the documentation board for all to view.

Alexis Trepanier R,ECE

Kaylene Zelkovich Educator Assistant