Preschool Program

July 2018

Diving Deeper Into Dramatic Play

One of the greatest aspects of the preschool program is their imagination and their propensity to re-enact real life situations.Many discussions between the children have been centered around going on boats.Perhaps they have been doing a lot of camping this summer?

To provoke this interest, the educators brought in a large cardboard box.The children discussed how they were going to turn the box into a boat and came to the conclusion that they would create a submarine instead so that they could go under the water with it.

The children collaborated and drew windows with one child informing everyone that they had to be ‘circle’.After cutting the windows, the group researched pictures of submarines to see what else they could add to the submarine.The periscope was the biggest thing to be noticed or a ‘circle scope’ as the children called it.They also realized they needed lights so that they could see underwater when the ‘water is super dark’.

After adding these elements, the children set right to their dramatic play; acting out various scenes of underwater discovery.Having the children involved in every aspect ignites their imagination, problem solving skills and deductive reasoning skills.

Amanda Leclair R,ECE

Ashlie Johnson R,ECE

Tawni Johnston R,ECE BA/BED