Preschool Program

november 2018

The children have been interested in the element of surprise in relation to the colour mixing experiences that we have been exploring in our room.

Today we decided to take the colour mixing to our water table in a different way.

The children were given 4 pods with baking soda in them. We added food colouring to the different pods; some with a single colour, the others with 2 colours.

The children were then given some “Magic Potion” (vinegar) to add to the baking soda mixture with a small eye dropper.

As they added the vinegar no words were spoken by the children, they were fully immersed in the wonderment of what was happening within the pods in front of them.

They each took their time adding more and more vinegar, possibly seeing if they could achieve the same results.

Natasha Agostino RECE

Amanda Leclair RECE