Preschool Program

february 2018

Today in the preschool room the children created a store in our dramatic play area. This is a play story that we usually see while playing outside.

Angelina and Ryan sat at the small table in the dramatic play area. Angelina had the phone and a number of items strategically placed around her. Ryan sat down at the table, “Can I buy some tomato juice?” Angelina would push the buttons on the phone and then pass Ryan her purchase.

Ryan ~ “Can I have some money now?”

“Thank you! Have a great day!”

This play story went on all morning, with Ryan and Angelina taking turns with who would be the buyer and who would work the money.

Role playing like this scenario allows children to seek understanding to the adult world from their perspective.

Amanda Leclair R,ECE

Savannah Chabot-Fortner R,ECE