Preschool Program

June 2018

This month the children have really become interested in bugs. We have spent quite an amount of time searching for bugs in our play yard and the parks around our daycare. During this particular morning the educators decided to set up a bug provocation using the overhead projector and the plastic bugs. Many children were interested in the shadows the bugs created on the wall.

Jakeb was also interested in the bugs but as we observed further we noticed that Jakeb was also trying to figure out how the overhead projector worked. He was observed placing a bug onto the glass and then would look up onto the wall in the location he thought he put it in, only it wasn’t there. The overhead projector had flipped where the bug was located into the opposite corner. As Jakeb continued to explore the overhead projector we was observed putting his hand on the glass and watching the wall to see where his hand would appear.

This experience for Jakeb lasted approximately 15 minutes. He continued to experiment with both his hand and the bugs, each time observing his actions on the wall. When he was happy with his findings he moved on to other areas of the room.

What a wonderful experience to have witnessed.

Amanda LeClair RECE, Laney Slack RECE