Preschool Program

october 2017

During rest time Benjamin was observed lying on his mat while resting his body. We noticed that Ben began collecting items from around his mat and then began placing them beside his mat. As we were helping other children with their rest we continued to watch what Ben was doing with the items of his choice. He quietly began strategically placing them. He started with the arch block and then worked his way back.

When he was done he looked at me and smiled and stated, “Mommy’s car! It’s Mommy’s car”

Ben’s representation of “Mommy’s Car” featured a motor in front, and a motor in the back that he later stated “goes underneath” the car. He had a loop de loop in front of the car that his mommy could drive over, but shared that no other cars can drive over. At the back of the car Ben placed a circle piece of wood. This, to Ben, was the trailer that his Daddy pulls. Ben shared that his daddy pulls the trailer, “but not Nana’s trailer, only his trailer or the boat.”

Please note that there is a number of wood pieces on the one side of the structure, these circles represent the wheels on her car. We wondered if he placed them on the one side because he may only see the wheels on the one side of the vehicle where he enters and exits Mommy’s real car.

We are curious what provoked Benjamin’s idea to recreate his Mommy’s car? The details that he has represented suggest that Ben knows quite a bit about the different parts to a car and how they connect together to create a final product.

We have added more open ended materials to the block building area to extend on Ben’s creation and provoke further learning.

Amanda Leclair R,ECE and Savannah Chabot-Fortner R,ECE