Preschool Program

september 2018

The children in our program have been exploring how sound travels into and through sewage drains for a couple weeks now.

It all began when the children discovered a sewage drain on our first Community Walk around our neighbourhood on September 13th. The children explored yelling “WATER, WATER!” into the drain and claimed that someone was talking back. We wondered if it was their echo that they were referring to.

To expand on this interest of sound we have reflected on this walk using photos, videos as well as on the projector. We also have added tubes and tin cans into our environment. On September 21st we went to Pinewood Court to explore 2 drains that are connected so you can hear when someone says something. The children were so excited by this element of surprise and explored this for a long time!

On September 26th we went around to the front of Pinewood where the children discovered more drains! And you would never believe what the children heard “shhh…I hear something!” “someone’s having a shower in there!” We would like to clarify that there wasn’t actually a person in there but you could hear water trickling out of pipe into a drain. We have many theories as to why the children are so fascinated by this exploration but one theory stands out more than the rest. The children are exploring the acoustic qualities of a space…and that space is the drains.

Natasha Agostino R,ECE

Amanda Leclair R,ECE